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Network Infrastructure

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The network became the de facto standard of bringing systems together. Systems which were previously operating in Silos are now interconnected and interoperable using the network backbone. Moreover, many of the Low Current systems are now dependent on the IP network in their internal communication with Controllers, Sensors and Peripherals. An effective integrated solution starts with a healthy network This is exactly why INT begins its architecture with a solid network design making it the center of our solution . As our first and key technology area, INT provides a full scope of Active and Passive components from reputable manufacturers serving the Low Current and Data applications.

InT solutions

Copper Solutions

Whether it is Voice, Data or Structured Cable for light current systems, the offered Copper Solutions covers it all ; from 10G solutions in campus and Building Backbone environments to smart patching solutions and tough cabling in Server Rooms, to ergo-aesthetic terminals delivering convenient connectivity at Workstations. Not to mention Meeting Rooms, IP Cameras, IOT devices and more.Our solutions feature Intelligent Patch Panels, allowing easy installation and maximum control of network operations.

  • CAT Category cables & F² cables
  • 10G Solutions & Modular Jacks
  • Patch and Cable Management Panels
  • Voice distribution Frames, Enclosures & Connection Modules
  • Patch Cords

Fiber Solutions

On the termination side, we offer High Density (up to 96 ports in 1U, up to 576 fibers) for Data Centers. Signals flow through high quality Multi-Mode (OM3 10G/350m , OM4 10G/550m) or Single-Mode (OS2 10G/10Km ). All ready to support future 40 G and 100G performances upto 10/40Km. At the other end, Panel Sliding 19″ 1U, splicing, 24 fibers typically mounted in Floor standing or Wall mounted 19” Cabinets.

  • MultiMode/SingleMode Optical Fiber cables
  • Armored Loose Tube and Central Tube cables
  • OutDoor/Indoor Unarmored Loose tube cables
  • Rack Mount patch Panels & Wall Mount Enclosures
  • FO Joint closures, Adaptors
  • Patch Cords, Pigtails
  • Adaptors & Connectors

Data Centers

Our Data Center solutions are complete, covering products from port to enclosure, to room to building. We offer end-to-end integration with safe and seamless network connectivity.

  • 19” Rack Cabinets
  • Flat HD panels
  • Overhead patching frame
  • Patching and Server enclosures
  • Defem mesh trays
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