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safety & security - our important sector

Production of a wide range of products for a number of industries is our main activity.

Quality Security systems need to be accurate, reliable and efficient to secure your premesis daily without fail. At INT we do believe that no one solution fits all, and so put time and effort to understand each application using a practical and economic approach. We partner with the best vendors in the industry to ensure what you want secured stays safe and secured

InT solutions

Video Surveillance

At INT we do believe that no one solution fits all, a Video Surveillance system for a Financial Institution has a totally different scope than that for a Military site. By putting time and effort to understand each application we assure a practical and economic solution is worked out.

  • Panoramic Cameras 180°, 270°, 360°
  • Specialty Cameras
  • Time-Lapse Digital Storage
  • Customer finish selections
  • Enterprise Video Management System
  • Aerial Monitoring
  • Integration to ANPR, People Counting and Access Control among other systems

Perimeter Protection & Radar Grid

From Barbed Wire high security fence to Vehicle access control using Blockers, Bollards and Cantilever Gates to Pedestrian access restriction using Full Height Turnstiles we provide a wide range of deterrence and detection solutions to your perimeter. We always consider the lowest false alarms and maximum flow of traffic without jeopardizing the security check.

  • Fence, Barbed wire & Anti-Climbing/Cutting Detection
  • Perimeter Radar Grid
  • Indoor/Outdoor Building Perimeter Laser Scanners
  • Crash Rated Blockers and Bollards
  • Gates, Barriers and Turnstiles
  • Long Range RFID, ANPR and ID registration

Biometrics & Access Control

Mobile phone, Biometric or Card, Single Door Controller or Multi-Door Access Panel, Browser-based or Enterprise and Redundant. Whatever your application demands, we work it out for you. We combine the leading electronic systems with reliable locking devices to ensure what you want secure, stays safe and secure.

  • Mobile Phone and Wearable credentials
  • FingerPrint, Iris, Vein, Face Recognition
  • Smallest PoE Door Controllers and I/O Devices
  • Smart phone & VM support
  • Video integration and Tail-Gate Detection
  • Elevator control & Unlimited door licensing

People Counting & TailGate Detection

Counting people serves well into many applications ; Flow/Queue Management, Building Security, e-Gates & Man Traps, Time Management, Energy Saving, Service Management, Marketing Statistics. Although Video analytics offer people counting, the accuracy does not come close to specialized sensors.

  • Unauthorized access detection at Doors, Turnstiles, ManTraps and AirLocks
  • Counting with Occupancy Threshold Alarm
  • Unparalleled >99% Accuracy
  • Integration with Access Control & Building Automation

ANPR & Video Analytics

ANPR Camera capabilities have evolved to more than just number plate capture, today they combine vehicle LP, Brand, Color and classification recognition, while additionally providing a separate HD video stream for realtime video monitoring. Video Analytics is definitely moving to the edge making use of dedicated high embedded processors, While multichannel server based solutions still exist for Enterprise level projects.

  • On-Board ANPR engine, Color, LP and category recognition
  • Perimeter protection, People and Vehicle counting
  • Thermal Analytics
  • PTZ tracking, including dwell, stop and direction filters
  • Post-event forensic search applications

People,Vehicle & Baggage Scanners

Our baggage inspection systems are especially designed to meet the main security requirements of airports, customs facilities, carriers, border crossings, ports, logistics centers and parcel services. Dual-energy baggage scanners allow the identification of weapons, explosives, drugs, fuses and other dangerous objects that are considered as a safety hazard.

  • Baggage Scanners (52×32 upto 175x180cm)
  • Portable & Under Vehicle Scanners
  • Cargo & Vehicle inspection systems
  • Stereotaxic Body Scanners
  • WalkThrough Metal Detectors with Face Snapshot
  • Weapons, Explosives, Detonators, Knives, Electronics

Command & Control Centers

The integrated overall solution is a standardized platform for all control center tasks. All physical security systems (fire, intrusion detection and gas alarm units, access control and security guard systems, etc.) plus building services, cameras, communication systems, alarm and messaging systems, are centralized in one integrated platform.

  • Receiving >> PSIM
  • Visualizing >> VideoWalls
  • Communicating >> IP Intercom
  • (PSIM) is a software platform that integrates several non-connected security systems, controlling them by an extensive user interface

Fire Alarm

Whether it is the EN or the UL world, our offer covers Single loop to 8-loop Panels with user friendly interface and true peer to peer communication. Wired detection and annunciation devices, all being ultra-low current, allowing up to 240 devices per loop. Wireless Devices (Modules, Detectors and Sounders). Additionally,

  • Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels
  • Analogue Addressable & Conventional
  • Intrinsically Safe & Explosion Proof
  • Hybrid Wireless Detection
  • Emergency & Exit Lighting
  • Integration Platform
  • Touch Screen Integrations

TSCM & IED Protection

Integrated Technics carries out Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), for our clients worldwide. The clients that utilise our TSCM service range from financial corporations and banks, through to international law firms and litigation departments. Being one of the leading TSCM firms in the world, we constantly invest in new countermeasures equipment and keep educated as to the latest technical trends and threats.

  • Counter Espionage Devices
  • Data Leakage Channels Detection
  • Counter Terrorism Facilities
  • Multi-Channel Audio Logging
  • Universal Forensic Extraction Devices
  • Signal Activity Monitor

Communications & Data Security

As more of our daily lives go online and the data we share is used in new and innovative ways, privacy and security have become important trust and reputation issues. For businesses, the growing volume and sensitivity of information being shared, stored and used is driving demand for greater transparency about how such information is being protected (security) and managed (privacy). As a result, data security and privacy have moved from the backroom to the boardroom.

  • High Encrypted Communication
  • High Encrypted Cloud Network
  • Shielded Rooms
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